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Club Exosome will host a therapy session at Complete Health & Wellness in Las Vegas, September 21st.

Welcome to the exclusive world of Club Exosome. Much like a speakeasy of days gone by, this opportunity will remain exclusive and is by invitation only.

Our private offering grants you entrance into the world of exosomes, generally only available to connected longevity specialists and physicians.

Come and savor the health benefits that will redefine your perception of youth and vitality. 

Exosomes: Tiny Messengers for Big Healing

Imagine your cells have their own microscopic communication network, sending out tiny packages filled with healing instructions. These packages are called Exosomes, and they carry important messages to support your body's natural ability to heal and regenerate.

Exosome therapy taps into this natural process. By using exosomes carefully derived from Mesenchymal stem cells, we can potentially deliver targeted messages to promote healing.

Think of it as amplifying your body's own repair mechanisms, encouraging reduction of inflammation, and supporting overall tissue health.

Potential Benefits

  • Enhanced Tissue Regeneration
  • Improved Metabolic Function
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Improved Wellbeing
  • Reduced Chronic Pain
  • Improved Brain Health
  • Improved Immune Health
  • Enhanced Wound Healing

Watch This Video on Exosomes by Sandra Kaufmann, MD

Dive into the world of Exosomes, the tiny vesicles with a big impact on longevity and cell communication.

Your Hosts

Sandra Kaufmann, MD

Pediatric Anesthesiologist, Longevity Physician, Speaker & Author

Dr. Kaufmann is the Creator of the Kaufmann Protocol, the first ever scientifically-based methodology for designing personal longevity protocols. She is the author of The Kaufmann Protocol: Why we Age and How to Stop it and the Kaufmann Protocol: Aging Solutions.

Stephen McCain, OLY

Olympian, Speaker, Podcast Host, Biohacker

Stephen McCain is a 2x Olympic Gymnast, World Champion Silver Medalist, Hall of Fame inductee, and has performed on every continent except Antarctica, as well as film, television, and commercials in Hollywood, CA.

He is a speaker, educator, entrepreneur, and consultant to some of the top performers in the world, including actors, stuntmen, Cirque performers, athletes, & executives.

Stephen McCain

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12.5 Billion Exosomes




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More details on the Event

Club Exosome

  • Complete Health & Wellness
  • September 21st
  • 12pm to 3pm

Frequently Asked Questions

What Dose (Billions) Should I Order?

Exosomes come in vials of 12.5 Billion, and generally people use either one, two or three vials for one therapy session. Most commonly, people use one vial and it is injected into an IV to have systemic effects. Alternatively, some people have specific aches and pains that they want treated, and we then recommend using two vials, one to be injected into a local site, and the second thru the IV. For more significant pathology or for larger individuals, a third vial can be added.

How Long Will The Therapy Take?

IV therapy generally takes about five minutes, depending on the patient. Localized treatment can take up to ten minutes.

How Will I Feel After The Therapy?

Most people feel absolutely nothing immediately after the therapy. Within one to two days however, most people feel significant improvement in their pathology as well as just feeling better overall. However, the regenerative effects will continue for a few months.

How Do I Get The Most Out Of My Therapy?

We feel that exosome therapy is amazing all by itself, and you need to do nothing. We can however add other agents while you have an IV in place, such as glutathione or Vitamin C.

Are There Any Contraindications To Exosomes?

We recommend against systemic exosome therapy if someone has active cancer, as it can theoretically optimize cancer cells. Cancer in remission is fine. We also recommend against the therapy if an individual is immune suppressed. This however is patient dependent, and is well with a discussion with our physician.

Club Exosome

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